Streetrider was born in 2006 and is the result of experience gained in the area Harley Davidson motorbikes and coaches, developed in the shop Wildbike.La demand from our many customers, on road motorcycle accessories and spare parts, naked, scooter, etc., there has pushed the expansion of this settore.Il main sales channel is our online store where you can find thousands of accessories, spare parts and special parts for motorcycles and scooters always constantly updated.

Here are the benefits to buy in our online store.

Convenience: the e-commerce shops are open every day, including holidays: just a few clicks from home or work to buy what you want. The convenience in receiving the goods directly to the home is an important added value: we forget the long lines in the parking lot and in front of the chest of the crowded malls and live a better shopping experience

Convenience: a purchase via the web is much more convenient: In addition to the discounts and promotions that fill the network there is convenience in movement (no need to move by car or public services) and saved time (five minutes to order and receive at home your favorite accessory at the lowest possible price).

Information: buy internet allows to sift calmly choice of major purchases due to the large amount of information that you can easily find, the advice and comments from other consumers, the wide range of products and alternative proposals. The ability to compare the different market proposals quickly and comfortably from your own home is one of the most voted in the polls characteristics related to the experiences of online aquisto.

Support: before and after the 'purchase you can always contact us for any request and information by telephone or via e-mail (see the "contact us" page)

Legal and administrative headquarters, withdrawal orders and shipping center (do not sell directly):

Streetrider c / o Quattrotempi SAS
Largo F.Neri - Loc.Paciana
06034 Foligno (PG)
VAT  IT01918760545
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